Author: Lauryn Gibas

Insurance Audits: It’s not the IRS calling! 

All worker’s compensation policies and most general liability policies are based on estimates of either annual payrolls or sales. The Dearborn Agency has developed ways of assisting its customers in handling their frustrations with the audit process for over 3 decades. In Wendy’s Briefcase, you can find some tips to make your next audit quick and easy.

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The Gen-Z Insurance Tea: Online “choose your own insurance” plans can take several seats. Here’s why based on my experience:

Are you the target of “choose your own insurance” ads? Before falling for their constant marketing tactics, read my personal experience and make the decision for yourself if that is really the route you should be taking. Don’t make mistakes like me, read the Gen-Z Insurance Tea so I can tell you about my mistakes and how they can be prevented/fixed before you make them yourself.

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