Author: Lauryn Gibas

Michigan Insurance Agent Kim Gibas

Is Rental Car Insurance Necessary?

“If I rent a car, do I need to purchase the insurance or is it covered under my Auto Policy?” Literally Kim provides an in-depth answer to this common question which could save you money in the future.

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When You May Need an Insurance Checkup

We’ve all heard of getting an annual checkup at the doctor but what about with your insurance? The world around us constantly changes and our needs are no different which is why it is important to consult The Dearborn Agency’s insurance checkup list at least once a year.

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Tips for Surviving an Extended Home Power

From snowstorms to tornados, hurricanes or fires – even a downed tree or maintenance that lasts longer than you
expected – an extended power outage can put you and your family in harm’s way. Getting through a long period
without electricity is a challenge, but with a little advanced preparation, you can increase your chances of remaining

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