The Gen-Z Insurance Tea: Hot Take on Independent Agents

Written by Lauryn Gibas, Marketing/Communications Associate

Hi! My name is Lauryn and I just graduated from Central Michigan University and now I’m working at the Dearborn Agency as the Marketing/Communications Associate. If you’re anything like me, you know NOTHING about insurance (but I absolutely do know that y=mx+b)… Welp, we’re both in luck, because we are going on this insurance expedition together! Full disclosure, I know zilch/nada/zip about insurance; I’m just here giving you all my opinion and sharing what I’ve learned (fact-checked of course), as your pal with no strings attached. Read the Gen-Z Insurance Tea each week to learn some useful tips and tricks the easy way (through me!).

We are all going to have an insurance glow up, soon.

Today’s tea: independent agents

Okay, did you know that there are different carriers for insurance? Or that you and your bestie probably need different coverage despite being attached at the hip? Well, an independent agent knows this and so much more information that can help you have proper coverage at the best rates for the things you love (and pay for) most. They can talk you through your policy, help you find ways to save, and can help you as your insurance needs change. We all have unique needs, and an independent agent can help make sure those are covered along with your basic needs by tailoring plans specifically to you, not a one-size fits all. In all honesty, “one-size fits all” is kind of a lie because no singular thing can truly fit “all” and still look good– I’m clearly not Blake Lively this isn’t The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but I digress…

Independent agents are beneficial because they are able to quickly research multiple policies and rates across various carriers, offering you a wide array of insurance options. It is a huge time saver when shopping for insurance since you only need to give them your information once– leaving you more time for the important things that help your wellbeing: actual shopping. They can provide side-by-side pricing and coverage options helping you through the pros and cons of each policy. Their local knowledge and support can help you with your complex (and basic) insurance needs.

Don’t sleep on an independent agent, they can save you from bad coverage.  

Join in next week for the Gen-Z Insurance Tea, where I’m the CEO of breaking down insurance information so you don’t have to.