Millennial’s in the Workforce

Goodbye Boomers, and Hello Millennials!   What do you think of when someone says ‘Insurance’? BORING! Well not anymore…    

According to leading professional recruiters, the insurance industry will be hiring 400,000 positions within the next three years.  We are looking for a few great people to join our organization.  We’re at a turning point, where innovation and technology are propelling insurance to new levels, and we need talented and creative innovators to bring new perspectives to the table. Our agency prides ourselves in friendship, family, and fun!  

Think an insurance career may not be for you?  Forget everything you think about insurance! 

Are you fueled by activity rather than hope? Crave a challenge? In the face of adversity, do you harness that opportunity to come back bigger, stronger, faster and smarter? If you answered Yes to these questions, we’re the right place for you. 

Highly effective insurance agents measure everything, not just the value of the ‘closed’ business at the end of the month.  Quantifying and evaluating every sales activity with every customer helps uncover the truth, leading the way to success in a way that simply counting the sales can never do. Highly effective insurance agents understand that the secret to success is in the numbers-good or bad-because those numbers always have something to teach us.  

Persistence.  Building a successful insurance career isn’t always easy; but, even in the worst of times, success is often right around the corner. Highly effective insurance agents concentrate on all the reasons they can succeed and find a way to win. Keeping you on your toes, this industry will always consist of competition and the ability to grow. 

There’s nothing like collaborating with a team of individuals who are just as passionate as you, working together to create success! Customer satisfaction and great coverage are important to us. 

Nothing about this world is repetitive, mundane, boring, or easy; There is no “typical day” in the insurance world, whether it’s working with driverless car software company or a craft brewery, every day will bring its own challenges. 

Maybe you enjoy working nights, weekends and every holiday, and sitting behind a desk 24/7, if not, how does a “normal” workweek,  working in the field (not behind a desk all day), and the ability to travel to different clients each day in order to conduct business appeal to you?  

Don’t just take it from me, here is what some of our millennial employees like most about working at the Dearborn Agency: “I love the connections I make with my clients” ‘the knowledge I have gained over the last 5 years, far exceeded my expectations”   “I appreciate the opportunities to grow within the agency” “professional work environment” “challenging yet rewarding”   

Career advancement provides opportunities to learn, make mistakes, and grow not only as an agent, but also an effective communicator. 

The backbones of the world’s economies are unable to exist without insurance.  Every construction site, connected device, distillery, shopping center, coffee shop, shoe manufacturer and car, is insurance in play – how would you like it knowing that you were part of that?

You can help shape what insurance looks like for years to come.