Wayne County’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Does your daily commute take you through one or more of the most dangerous intersections in Wayne County? Listed below are the areas top 10, accounting for more than 870 car crashes in 2017.

According to Michigan State Police crash data, the most dangerous intersections in the county based on the number of car crashes in 2017. Wayne County intersections accounted for five spots on the list of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections.

  1. Schoolcraft Road at Telegraph Road in Redford Township
    Crashes: 112, Crashes w/ injuries: 16
  2. Ford Road at Lilley Road in Canton Township
    Crashes: 109, Crashes w/ injuries: 24
  3. Dix Highway at Southfield Road in Lincoln Park
    Crashes: 90, Crashes w/ injuries: 32
  4. 6 Mile Road at I-275/I-96 in Livonia
    Crashes: 89, Crashes w/ injuries: 24
  5. Ford Road at Haggerty Road in Canton Township
    Crashes: 89, Crashes w/ injuries: 20
  6. 8 Mile Road at I-75 in Detroit
    Crashes: 85, Crashes w/ injuries: 35
  7. Telegraph Road at Van Born Road in Dearborn Heights
    Crashes: 78, Crashes w/ injuries: 21
  8. I-94 at Telegraph Road in Taylor
    Crashes: 75, Crashes w/ injuries: 23
  9. Joy Road at Southfield Freeway in Detroit
    Crashes: 72, Crashes w/ injuries: 24
  10. Ford Road at Mercury Drive in Dearborn
    Crashes: 72, Crashes w/ injuries: 5

In Michigan, 43 percent of all injury crashes and 31 percent of all fatal crashes occurred at intersections according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts (MTCF) via University of Michigan studies. To stay safe on the road, follow these safe driving tips:

  1. Maintain a safe following distance.
  1. Anticipate the actions of other drivers.
  1. Avoid distractions.
  2. Do not race a yellow light.

With 69% of all accidents happen within 10 miles of your home; try to follow one or more of the above mentioned safe driving tips and proceed with caution.