Simply Sandra – Family things to do on your Labor Day Weekend Staycation!

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Insurance rates are on the rise, and with the end of summer and the start of a new school year, we are all looking for ways to save money. But hey, it’s the long weekend and we want to do something! Here are some ideas.

  1. Pretend you are a tourist in your own town. Visit your local museums:  art, natural or American history, botanical gardens, zoos, cars, sports, or whatever the interest.
  2. Plan a private dining experience for your family. Quiz everyone on a meal they love but don’t get often. With the extra time you can take a special trip to the store for better than average ingredients then come home and give one on one cooking lessons to the kids to get it ready.
  3. Bake with the kids? Or NO-bake with the kids. Lots of desserts can be prepared that don’t mean turning on the oven and heating up the house.
  4. Cook a month of meals. This will save time during that first month of school and getting back into the swing of homework, sports, and events.
  5. Have a spa day. Set up your own at-home station with the works: nail polish, hair spray, blow dryer, lotions, makeup. Your little girls will never forget it.
  6. Go locally outdoors. The parks, the pools, the beach… it’s all going to close soon, so it’s time for one final hurrah!
  7. Get out the Bikes. There are local routes where you can enjoy a day out with everyone. Try the local MetroParks.
  8. Go to a movie. Lots of good stuff comes out on a long weekend.
  9. Take a nap. Make everyone take a nap. Good luck with this one, mom and dad!
  10. Board game night. Before things get too busy take some time to reflect on the summer and thing ahead to the school year. Board games give kids the chance to interact with you and talk as you do something. Open the door for good conversation by investing this time with them. Jigsaw puzzles are also perfect for this.
  11. Take a day trip to a nearby city. Find an attraction you have never visited.
  12. Catch up on reading. Read as a family. Family book club?
  13. Shop the Labor Day Sales. School clothes, fall activities? Some super early holiday gifts? Now is the time! Or go thrifting. Finding all those special treasures can be super fun.
  14. Have a Barbeque. Its tradition, and everyone is doing it, but that shouldn’t stop you!
  15. Home improvements. This might be the perfect chance to tackle that honey-do list.
  16. Camp in the backyard. Before it gets too cold.
  17. Two words: Farmers Market!
  18. Do art, get crafty, create something! A trip to your local craft store and you can make it a family thing.
  19. Movie Marathon: It’s time for a Harry Potter/Star Wars/Rocky marathon! Grab the popcorn and chill with the kids!