Wendy’s Briefcase – Construction Safety

Construction worksite management has been a high priority for both OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MIOSHA, which is the State of Michigan’s offshoot of OSHA.  Over the last few years, and especially now with new construction ramping up again, these safety associations have been conducting surprise worksite inspections.  These inspections have been focused on a newer safety initiative, requiring harnesses for anyone working higher than 6 feet.   

Many insurance companies provide proactive safety information to their clients, so that when OSHA shows up on the job site, the contractor is already prepared with the appropriate safety measures, in place.  If your insurance company is not providing this service, check into more insurance companies who provide more bang for the buck, as these safety programs are includes in the premium already being paid.  With insurance costs gobbling up so much of a business owner’s budget, a business should take advantage of all of the services available.