Wendy’s Briefcase – It’s Boating Season!

Boating season has arrived!  Let me tell you a story about a storm that occurred on Lake Fenton in 2017, in Fenton Michigan.  The storm was so strong that it ripped boats from their docks, regardless of how well they were secured.  Boats crashing into docks, boats crashing into other boats, boats at drift and sinking, leaving people without boats for the season.  The boaters who had called their independent agent to discuss their boat and the insurance necessary to protect it, were back on the lake in no time.  Others who did not have the proper insurance, were left boatless all summer long.  Make sure you have a conversation with your agent regarding your boat or other watercraft.  Don’t be left with only the wreckage of your boat after a storm, be left with enough insurance to replace it as soon as possible, so you don’t miss even one Saturday.