Cold Weather Maintenance

Michigan winters pose many issues for residents, besides depression caused by sunlight deprivation.  Our homes and businesses are susceptible to increased damage due to our harsh winters.  But there are five easy steps you can take to decrease your chance of suffering a property claim during winter:

1.       Clean out the gutters, ensuring there are not leaves blocking the flow of water.  Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams and roof damage, as well as other interior damage caused by water backing up into your house from the roof.

2.       Check downspouts to make sure that water flows from the gutters, down the downspouts and away from the house.  Again this will keep water from entering the building and causing water damage.

3.       Have the furnace checked and cleaned to decrease the chance of fire.

4.       Remove screens and put up storm windows.

5.       Insulate any exposed pipes to ensure you do not have any frozen pipes, which could burst and cause interior damage.

These easy preventative maintenance items can decrease your chances of suffering an expensive and inconvenient claim caused by our wonderful Michigan winters!