Insuring Your Seasonal Use Vehicle

Many people store their antique autos, sports cars and motorcycles through the winter and remove coverage to save money.  Now that the spring weather is finally here people are itching to use their warm weather toys, but does everyone remember to call and put coverage back onto their toy?  No, they do not.  Every year there are uncovered claims because someone drove their shiny toy but forgot to add coverage back on.  We advise using the following tips to ensure you’re protected when both storing and removing your toys from storage:

  1. When placing a vehicle in storage, disable it so that it cannot easily be driven. This can be accomplished by removing the battery.  This will prevent someone from stealing the vehicle and injuring someone.  You can be sued for injury even if your vehicle has been stolen.
  2. Call your agent to place the vehicle in storage for the winter.  When you speak to your agent, give them a firm date to place coverage back on.  For example, ask that coverage be placed back onto the vehicle effective April 1st.  This will ensure that coverage is available when the warm weather comes and you will not have to take any action.  Then on the warm Sunday in April, when your agent’s office is closed, you can enjoy your toy and not worry that you can’t get a hold of your agent.

One last tip regarding motorcycle-related accidents and injuries.  Under Michigan’s No Fault Law, PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage does not cover medical expenses for motor cycles accidents unless a vehicle is also involved.  Only Medical Payments or your own health insurance provides coverage for injury resulting from a motor cycle accident, without a vehicle involved.  While we cannot purchase insurance for every contingency, we recommend at least reviewing the costs for medical payments on your motorcycle policy.  Go forth and be safe in the warm weather!