Samsung Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones

Samsung has ceased production on its newest
smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. This is the
company’s latest action after widespread reports of
the phones catching fire and exploding.
Estimates suggest that Samsung will lose
approximately $10 billion in revenue from the halt in
production. However, experts believe that
reputational damage over the years could be even
more detrimental.
Samsung’s initial response to problems with the
device was to issue a voluntary recall. However, an
official recall from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission prompted the company to then issue
replacement devices to consumers. Now, Samsung
has halted production entirely after it was reported
that the replacement devices were exhibiting the
same issues.
In the meantime, Samsung advises customers who
may be worried about their batteries to contact the
nearest Samsung service center. Additionally, the
company has advised all consumers to immediately
stop using the devices, and to keep them powered
off until they can be properly disposed of. The
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also urged
all airplane passengers to power down their Galaxy
Note 7 devices, and to not use, charge or stow them
in unchecked baggage.
If you own a Galaxy Note 7, it can be returned for a
full refund or for another smartphone model. Here
are some steps to take if you or a family member has
purchased one of the devices:
 Immediately stop using or charging your
 Check to see if the device must be replaced
by visiting,
or by calling 844-365-6197.
 If you have any questions about your
specific circumstances, contact your
cellphone service provider