The Affordable Care Act has set the open enrollment period for individual insurance. For a 2016 plan, you must enroll in a qualified health insurance plan by 01/31/2016. If you do not have health insurance in place by 01/31/2016 you may suffer a tax penalty, but more importantly you will not be able to buy health insurance until the next open enrollment period, which would be on 11/01/2016.

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding the Marketplace. In Michigan we use the Federal Marketplace rather than a state exchange. If you are eligible for a subsidy or a tax credit (see above chart for more information) you MUST go to the Marketplace to obtain your coverage. If you not eligible for either a subsidy of tax credit you can still go to the Marketplace, but you can also go directly to the insurance companies. All plans are Affordable Care Plans regardless of whether you buy it from an insurance company directly or through the Marketplace.

If you have been receiving a subsidy or tax credit to purchase your 2015 health insurance please know that you must re-qualify on the Marketplace.

And whether you qualify for a subsidy or not, The Dearborn Agency can help you with the enrollment process, just contact our office!