Preventing Frozen Pipes

One of the messiest and most costly homeowner repairs is fixing a burst frozen pipe. Water from a burst pipe can cause damage to carpeting, short out electrical appliances and ruin furniture.   Here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes (especially if they are located on an exterior wall or near attached garage):

  • Turn up the thermostat – this isn’t the time to worry about your heating bill.
  • Open cabinet doors – if your plumbing is located on an exterior wall and place a space heater for an extra measure of cold protection.
  • Spray foam – into the wall to fill cavities around pipes.
  • Heat Tape – the tape plugs into a grounded outlet and is then spiral wrapped around pipes.
  • In-pipe heating elements – devices are placed in water and sewer pipes and conduct heat directly into the pipe as needed.
  • Valve units – these products are screwed onto faucets, usually outside and prohibit water from going through when temperatures are too low.

In addition to insuring your home, helping you avoid claims is our top priority. If you would like more loss prevention or safety tips for your home, please contact us today.