19 Easy Tips for Home Winterization

Make your home feel warmer without turning up the heat this winter or wasting money. With these simple tips, you’ll save energy without spending much.

1. Dodge the Draft(s)– Door draft stopper known as the “Draft Snake”

2. Change Furnace Filters– Once a month during heating season

3. Run Fans in Reverse– Circulates heat throughout the home

4. Winterize Your A/C and Water Lines– Turn A/C water valve off

5. Turn Down Your Water Heater– recommend temperature is 120 degrees

6. Install Storm Doors and Windows– Investment that saves money long-term

7. Give Your Heating System a Tune-Up-Maintaining furnace and cleaning properly

8. Mind That Thermostat-Programmable thermostats allow timers to adjust temperatures

9. Put Up Some Plastic-Window plastic for older windows, nice money saver

10. Use an Energy Monitor– Projecting cost and seeing where adjustments can be made

11. Use Caulking and Weather-stripping– Seal any cracks or leaks in windows

12. Put on a Sweater-Put on the warm and comfy clothes during the cold season

13. Boost Insulation– Installation between walls and windows/ tax deductible up to 30%

14. Insulate Your Pipes– Prevents pipes from bursting

15. Seal Those Ducts– Have professional evaluate ducts are working properly

16. Take Advantage of Tax Credits– Any energy efficient projects can be tax deductible

17. Choose the Right Contractor– Research home improvement companies before hire

18. Get Creative and Go Alternative– Take time to evaluate your energy usage

19. Upgrade to an Efficient Furnace– If older, look into upgrades/ long-term saving

If you only pick three items to address, this can still add up to money in your pocket, as opposed to out the window, or to the gas company!